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Sound Our Souls

Date: Monthly
Location: Turing Locke

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Sound therapy initiates the body’s innate capacities for self-healing. The sound waves entrain the brain waves into the patterns associated with relaxation, meditation, creativity and even the release of feel good hormones resulting in pain relief.

Stemming from the complex trauma I experienced throughout my childhood, I struggled with depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictions in my teens until my thirties. I tried many modalities to support my healing and development. Every time I tried to meditate I found that it triggered my mind to become even more over-active and and so concluded that I was just a person who ‘could not meditate’. One day I had an experience with sound which put me into a state of consciousness I had never experienced. I then trained to find out more both to further develop myself and so that I could bring this modality to others.

My trauma was very obvious and extreme, however, everyone has at one time or another experienced something that was overwhelming, triggering a nervous system response without a successful outcome. Our psyches and bodies are interconnected. What affects us emotionally affects us physically and vice versa. We all hold the effects of our experiences within us. On top of this, modern society promotes spending more time in our heads, disconnected from our bodies.

What is special about group sound experiences is that each individual will receive their personal medicine. While one person will feel the sound vibrating very physically in places in their body, another will go off on a journey. There is no right or wrong way. Let go of all expectations and welcome all possibilities.

Regularly reported benefits include:
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Better sleep
- Physical restoration and pain relief
- Improved mood
- Emotional processing/release of emotional blockages
- Improved focus and clarity
- Creative insights
- Deep feelings of peace/calm/joy
- Spiritual experiences

Event details.

When? Monthly, dates below.
Where? Turing Locke Meeting Room
How much? £15.00 + booking fee.

Date: Time: Location:

Monday 18th March

11am - 1pm Turing Locke

15th April 2024

11am Turing Locke

13th May 2024

11am Turing Locke

Turing Locke

Eddington Cambridge

More than cobbled streets, more than historic architecture and more than expected. See Cambridge differently at Turing Locke, a stunning new destination to the north-west of the city centre.

Turing Locke

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