Lisbon through the eyes of local artists Los Pepes.

Locke de Santa JoanaMarquês de PombalLisbon

Lisbon through the eyes of local artists Los Pepes.

We partnered with local artists and designers Los Pepes on the keycard design for Locke de Santa Joana. Inspired by the history, culture and vibrant cityscape.

Step into the ‘magical city’ of Lisbon through the eyes and minds of designers and artists Los Pepes. Having worked with the duo on an art installation in the city, teasing the arrival of Locke – we asked them to design the key cards for Locke de Santa Joana

Inspired by the rich tapestry of the city, Los Pepes’ design takes us on a journey of imagination, bringing in key elements of the cityscape from the Tagus River to Castelo de São Jorge. Los Pepes talk us through their design and show us around some of the city’s best street art. 

Los Pepes are a Portuguese design duo, based in Lisbon. Meggie and Francisco have become synonymous with bright colours and bold, euphoric patterns through a series of graphics, murals and artworks. Their work can be seen throughout Lisbon and Portugal, with a focus on large street art-style murals.

Meggie and Francisco aimed to create a design ‘inviting guests to embark on a journey through a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes’ that encompasses the enchanting spirit of Lisbon. Naming their design the ‘Magical City’, the card is testament to their vision of the city. From the friendly moon casting its gentle glow, to a mermaid diving into the Tagus River. Alongside, the night’s sky representing Lisbon as the city of poets and fado, which comes to life during the night.

We asked Meggie and Francisco to give us their top spots for their favourite street art and murals around the city alongside some spots for grabbing a drink or dinner in an artistic setting.

LX Factory

Set in an old industrial factory, LX factory is home to an array of shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars alongside some of the city's most complex street art. Murals cover the walls of the buildings from 3-D installations to intricate spray-painted works.

Homies Café

Found near Santa Apolónia, Homies is a neighbourhood café bringing together food, art and creativity. Here you’ll find a large mural adorning the café’s walls by Los Pepes themselves. Featuring their signature style of bold and graphic prints. 

Fine Arts School – Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa

Lisbon’s Fine Arts University is the perfect place to catch a free exhibition or works by some of the cities up-and-coming artists. Visit the space, grab a coffee and watch students drawing and doing sculptures. Next door to the school, you’ll find a big art store called Ponto das Artes, perfect for stocking up on supplies. 


Found in a former industrial bakery, Damas is now one of Lisbon’s best-known restaurant and bar spaces. Join friends for a glass of wine, alternative concert or art show.

O Botequim

A small bar and eatery that offers poetry nights and live music. Decorated with vintage furniture and old books, records. O Botequim is infamous for being the spot that many of the Portuguese bohemian intelligentsia gathered in the 70s/80s.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

This design was a real adventure, inspired by our roots in Lisbon. The streets, hills, and riverbanks feel almost like very special friends. Yet, our goal went beyond just visuals; we sought to infuse it with Lisbon's very essence – the vibrant pulse that transforms it from just a picturesque coastal city into a magical realm full of possibilities and adventures to be lived.   

Is there a key aspect of the design you particularly love and why?

Yes, absolutely. When we started brainstorming ideas for the design, we were keen on incorporating two distinct plans: an interior concept and an exterior concept. This distinction was crucial to us as we aimed to showcase how people can enjoy Lisbon both outdoors on its streets and indoors within their rooms or apartments. 

We believe that each person has a unique way of experiencing a city, with some preferring the comfort of their indoor spaces to relish the views, scents, and sounds from a balcony or window – and that's truly wonderful. This emphasis on indoor and outdoor experiences was paramount for us in capturing the essence of Lisbon

What makes Lisbon a special place for artists?

The artistic community in Lisbon is very active. There is a lot of art to see on the streets, art galleries and museums to visit, artistic collectives and a never-ending program of film festivals during the year.

Locke de Santa Joana, Lisbon.

<p id="isPasted">Opening Summer 2024. Rooms <a id="isPasted">from &euro;104 per night.</a></p>

Opening Summer 2024. Rooms from €104 per night.

Locke de Santa Joana

Marquês de PombalLisbon

Locke de Santa Joana

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