Cultural Connections: Celebrating Community Within Our Properties.

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Cultural Connections: Celebrating Community Within Our Properties.

At Locke, we believe in the power of community and open up our spaces to bring people together.

We caught up with Locke House Hosts Rico and Kamal to discuss their latest venture, "Welcome to the Neighbourhood", and Ola about the thriving success of her "Ember Locke Music Monday’s." Both initiatives with a large focus on celebrating music and fostering connections within the local community.

"Welcome to the Neighbourhood" marks a fresh initiative led by Kamal and Rico, both established figures within the London music scene. 

At its heart, this initiative champions collaboration and creativity. By uniting a diverse array of local artists, "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" aims to cultivate community engagement and provide a platform for both emerging talents and established artists to Locke for a night of music and creativity.

What sparked your passion for music?  

Rico: Music has always been an integral part of my life. Growing up, I was surrounded by it, with my dad being a DJ and my older brother working in the music industry. Over time, it naturally became a significant passion of mine.  

KamalGrowing up, Music always felt like a safe haven for me, I have vivid memories of me singing in the back seat of my dad's car as a kid. When my parents realised, I could sing encouraged they encouraged and supported my passion. In 2020, I started playing around with Logic, I then took the plunge to release my own music. 

How has growing up in London influenced your passion for music and its significance in your lives?  

Rico: Growing up in Islington/Camden, where iconic musicians like Amy Winehouse and Ms. Dynamite hail from, deeply influenced my relationship with music. Being in close proximity to such talent instilled a sense of pride in my local music scene and inspired me to contribute to its evolution.  

What inspired the creation of "Welcome to the Neighbourhood"?

KamalAfter meeting Rico, we slowly realised that we are kindred spirits and had very similar interests, we also know a lot of the same people and both run various creative events across London, so it made sense to combine our heads and that's how we gave ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ came about. 

Are there any current trends or initiatives you believe are enhancing the music scene in London?

Rico: Clothing brands play a significant role in enhancing and shaping the music scene in London. Brands like Corteiz and Trapstar not only contribute to fashion trends but also help build a cultural identity within the London music scene. 

KamalCommunities such as Ori, Steamdown and The Oracle have all created spaces for artists and creatives to come together and share their creativity. 

If you could describe "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" in 3 words, what would they be?  

Rico: Community, Culture, Classy 

Kamal: Wholesome, warm and Lit! 

Welcome to The Neighbourhood’s first event takes place on Monday 20th May at Bermonds Locke, with performances from Etta BondPearson and Kahm. 

Make sure to book your tickets here.

Ember Locke’s Music Monday’s - Live Music Nights. 

Ember Locke's Live Music night, curated by Ola, are a vibrant celebration of London's burgeoning music scene. Each evening promises a dynamic showcase of up-and-coming talent from across the city, with an open mic format inviting anyone to participate

A melting pot of creativity, where local community members and hotel guests alike come together to immerse themselves in a glimpse into the future of London's musical landscape.

Where did your love for music come from? 

OlaMusic runs deep in my family's veins; among the seven siblings, three of us have been in bands at various points in our lives. A decade ago, I was in a covers band. 

Can you share the inspiration behind the Ember Locke Live Music Nights?         

After participating in 2023’s Discovering Edyn, I felt inspired to venture solo. During one group activity, we sang gospel tunes, and I took the lead. While brainstorming for the opening of Ember Locke I was chatting with Hana Markson, this sparked the idea for Music Mondays. Fast forward to January 2024, I stepped into the role of Ember Locke’s Cultural Programmer, and we hosted the inaugural event, “Music Mondays,” featuring talented Edynites

It was a great night and although we planned for an open mic session, there were no takers, so I decided to get up on the stage. Now, in the weeks leading up to each event, I scour social media for emerging artists to join us, and we've had some incredible performers grace oustage. 

Join us at Ember Locke for the next Music Mondays’ on Monday 27th May and Monday 24th June. 

Bermonds Locke

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With 143 roomy studios and apartments, coworking space, café and gym, Bermonds Locke is the ideal Bermondsey hotel, walking distance from Tower Bridge

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