Explore the best restaurants in Munich


Explore the best restaurants in Munich

Get to know the top restaurants in Munich. For the meat eaters, veggies and post Biergarten munchies.

German cuisine doesn’t always have the greatest reputation. Compared to neighbouring France and nearby Italy, most people don’t flock here for the food.

But, if you’re a local like us, you’ll know that there’s actually plenty of exceptional eateries. Over in Munich, we’ve tried and tested almost every restaurant from out-of-the-ordinary fast food to slowly cooked steaks. 

So without further ado, here’s where to get the best food in Munich.

Top restaurants in Munich.

Munich’s restaurants are surprisingly varied. It’s not all about sausage and beer (although there’s plenty of that epic combo too). Here’s some of the best spots to get a more than decent meal after a day exploring the Old Town, whether from the city streets or your office window.

Servus Heidi, Landsberger Street

Best for: modern Bavarian food that’ll knock your lederhosen off.

When you think of German grub, you probably picture plenty of pork, potatoes and pretzels. But according to Servus Heidi, there’s more to Bavarian food than meat and carbs. 

Start in the indoor restaurant for baked portobello mushroom, roast chicken with cranberries, and Heidi’s blueberry crumble before heading out to the terrace for a beer. If you want more traditional dishes they’ve got them. But we recommend the 36-hour cooked pork belly instead, served with pine nut dumplings.

Fräulein Wagner, Am Bavariapark

Best for: stylish, down-to-earth dining that’ll make you a hit with your mates.

Come for breakfast, stay for dinner. That’s the vibe at Fräulein Wagner. The casual cosiness of this international restaurant maximalises style without forgoing substance. 

There’s a generous morning buffet with regional produce, end of week evening menus serving creative seasonal dishes, and not forgetting a great selection of Augustiner Beer. Another reason we love this spot? A weekly working lunch menu that’s a lot more exciting than your egg sandwich. Think baked camembert and Bavarian risotto. Delicious.

<p>&copy; Servus Heidi</p>

© Servus Heidi

The best burgers in Munich

Germany does hamburgers well. There’s no doubt about it. Here’s where to get the best patty in Munich.

Burger House, Gollierstraße

Best for: treating hangry friends to a humongous burger.

Homemade buns. Homemade sauces. And 100% Bavarian beef. What more could you want from Munich’s Burger House? The fried patties are sandwiched with tons of toppings. From guaco and jalapenos to blue cheese bacon. There’s even truffle carpaccio and mushroom for when your vibe is ‘burger but make it bouji’.

But the reason we’re a regular has got to be the Triple House. This monster of a burger comes with 390g of ground beef. So buckle up (or rather, unbuckle) and get stuck in.

King Loui, Kazmairstraße

Best for: saucy burgers that taste as good as their punny names.

If you’ve got worries, forget ‘em - and pull up a chair at King Loui. This Jungle Book named eatery lives by the mantra ‘all for all’, which in burger talk translates to ‘there’s a patty for everyone’ - or something like that.

You’ve got the bare necessities; chilli cheese, bacon and classic BBQ. But make your way down the menu and you’ll find other non-Disney named burgers including ‘My Heart Will Goat On’ (grilled goats cheese and pear-walnut chutney) and ‘You Had Me At Aloha’ (grilled pineapple and honey bacon).

<p id="isPasted">&copy; King Loui, Kazmairstra&szlig;e</p>

© King Loui, Kazmairstraße

Steakhouses in the city

If you’re a meat eater in Munich, you’re gonna wanna try a steakhouse. Get your protein fix at these meaty restaurants.

Abacco's Steakhouse, Oberanger

Best for: a cook-it-yourself meat feast at Germany’s best steakhouse.

If you’re still hungry after exploring Munich’s gigantic food market, Viktualienmarkt, then make sure to grab a table at Abacco’s Steakhouse. Self proclaimed as serving the world’s best steak, here’s where you come for top notch meat. 

Choose your cut from Argentina, Uruguay or the US, and you’ll get unlimited sauces and top ups of your chosen side dish until your last bite. Each steak also comes on a Swiss hot stone which keeps the meat cooking until your desired doneness. 

Zum Goldenen Kalb, Utzschneiderstraße

Best for: sharing dried aged steaks with new and old friends (even the vegan ones).

Nearby is Zum Goldenen Kalb, a New York steakhouse that combines international meat dishes with traditional Bavarian sides (think potato on potato). The setting is seriously cosy. Picture chequered tablecloths and rustic tables set against open brick walls. 

You’ve got tons of choices when it comes to steak. US ribeye, Australian prime fillet and a wagyu pastrami sandwich are some of our top choices. And don’t worry, there’s a Beyond Burger option for your non-meat eating mates.

<p>Abacco&#39;s Steakhouse, Oberanger</p>

Abacco's Steakhouse, Oberanger

Some of our favourite places to eat

We have not one but two aparthotels in the city. So we really know our way around the best restaurants in Munich. Here’s where you’ll find us in our lunch break.

Mural Farmhouse, WunderLocke, Sendling

Best for: an innovative, sustainable meal with a view that’ll earn you boasting rights.

Mural Farmhouse is what happens when a local Michelin-starred restaurant comes to Locke. Yes it’s one of our own. And yes it’s one of the city’s best places to eat (important people have told us so, we promise).

Work your way through seven floors of food and drink destinations, from Chef’s Table dining to shared bites. Each made with ingredients from WunderLocke’s own rooftop farm and local growers. Oh and there’s also panoramic views of the Alps if the food and wine isn’t enough to convince you.

Ristorante L‘Incontro, Boschetsrieder Street

Best for: quick business lunches and take-your-time tasting dinners.

Get your pasta fix at Ristorante L‘Incontro, our go-to Italian restaurant in Munich. The à la carte menu has all the fan favourites; cacio e pepe, pumpkin ravioli, and pistachio pesto tagliatelle. But there’s also other ways to dine depending on the occasion. 

A lunch menu serves the day’s best dishes to colleagues needing a quick bite. Whilst for those in less of a hurry, the tasting menu is an indulgent experience without the hefty price tag. At just €40, you can tuck in to four courses from the sea or land.

Taverne Kyano, Kistlerhofstraße

Best for: accommodating a hard-to-please crowd of meat and veggie eaters.

If you find yourself craving Greek in Germany, then Tarverne Kyano will sort you out. The authentic family-run restaurant brings the Med to Munich with flavours of rich tomato, garlic and salty cheese.

You’ll find all the classic Greek dishes on the menu plus a few originals, from grilled calamari and marinated pork skewers to caramelised cashew hummus. With some Bavarian beef included for good measure.

<p id="isPasted">Mural Farmhouse, WunderLocke, Sendling</p>

Mural Farmhouse, WunderLocke, Sendling

Indulge your senses with WunderLocke and Schwan Locke

Come for the food, stay with Locke in Munich. For the weekend travellers, family visitors and business commuters. With plenty of design-led space to sleep, eat and work in.

Unpack at Schwan Locke, your base for Old Town wandering and chic city mingling, minutes from unmissable Oktoberfest. Slightly south you’ll find WunderLocke. Here our leafy, tranquil retreat sits between green spaces and creative hubs, including its very own co-working lounge.

Discover more ways to eat, stay and live at Locke.

<p>Co-Working Area, <a href="/en/munich/wunderlocke">Wunderlocke</a>.</p>

Co-Working Area, Wunderlocke.


Get to know the city. Stay in our Munich aparthotels. For long trips, short breaks and business meetups. Conveniently located, for work, rest and living.


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