My Global Studio: Logging on from Locke with Chloe Ambrose & Amber Rose Smith.

Turing LockeEddington Cambridge

My Global Studio: Logging on from Locke with Chloe Ambrose & Amber Rose Smith.

We headed up to Turing Locke to catch up with Chloe and Amber, two freelance creatives who utilise Locke’s co-working spaces as their unofficial office.

Nestled within Turing Locke is a serene co-working space offering an abundance of natural light, ample space, and inviting amenities. With cosy sofas and private meeting rooms available for hire, it provides an ideal environment for productive work and collaboration. 

That's why it has become a go-to spot for creative marketer Chloe Ambrose and photographer Amber-Rose Smith to buckle down, collaborate, and conduct meetings.

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Tell us about you.


Hi! I’m Chloe and I’m a Creativity Director, a term I came up with when I couldn’t find my dream job - so I made my own. Setting up my business, Creative Strides, just a few months before the pandemic has been a whirlwind. 

And, I’ll be honest, there have been moments (like all business owners I’m sure) when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. However, looking back, I can now see that all those ups and downs played a key part in solidifying my love of being self-employed. As a business owner I call the shots, work with who I want, lead on the creative, empower others and continue to shape my journey with my best interests at heart - the best way to live surely? Learning to put myself first has taken a decade’s worth of trials and tribulations but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m a photographer, creator and storyteller. I help brands, creatives and small businesses to tell their story beautifully and authentically. I’ve been freelance for the past 9 years and used to live in London. During the pandemic, I relocated to Suffolk and then moved in with my partner close by to Cambridge and love how vibrant the city is. 

What’s the first thing you like to do in the morning to set up your day? 


To kickstart the day you’ll also find me checking in with my energy levels (I have to innovate every day to keep my ADHD brain on track) and flicking on the kettle before writing out my tasks. 

Writing them out in the morning means I’m honouring how I’m feeling each day because I often don’t know how I’ll feel. My day could be determined by hormones, what I did the day before, or how bored of my playlist or office I am. So, every morning is a mission to work out what me and my brain needs to function as a self-diagnosed ADHD business owner and creative. It may sound tricky but it keeps my creativity alive having to reinvent the wheel each day. 

What does your working day look like? 


My day to day really varies, no two days are the same for me. Depending on if I’m shooting for a client or working on admin and editing from home, or co-working out and about. 

As a regular at Turing Locke’s co-working space. What makes it a great place to work? 


There is a great ambience at Cambridge’s Turing Locke, the soft furnishings are homely and inviting, making it a comfy spot to perch for the day. I can always rely on getting a good spot where I won’t be disturbed. A few years ago I also got to use one of the office spaces to host my brand photoshoot in which I really enjoyed, especially as I got to make use of the flip chart and table in a semi-private setting. Oh, and the people are lovely. I also love the scent of the lobby. 

What’s a career-milestone you’ve reached recently and are particularly proud of? 


It’s been an absolute eye opener to receive support from Access to Work recently. This is a government scheme to support those with physical or mental differences that may impact their work. Thanks to this scheme I’ve been able to secure a grant for ADHD coaching and virtual assistant support which has been an incredible career-milestone. In learning about ADHD and my brain I’ve been able to look back at my career and choose to accept/grow whilst paving a new path forward. 

I’m also incredibly proud of myself for running a 5-week creative thinking course for my secondary school. There’s something both disorientating and enlightening about going back to school as an adult, especially when you didn’t have the best time at school. I was also thrilled to receive such positive feedback from the year 13/14 students - they’re a tough crowd and I can now proudly say I survived school TWICE. 

What’s your favourite thing about living in Cambridge? 


I love the community and variety of people I have met since moving to the area. I also love the abundance of small and independent businesses, creatives and artists within the area. Plus, one of my absolute favourite restaurants is in the city; La Margherita. I’ve been going there since I was a child and have been told I was taken there on many occasions in my car seat as a little one, their lasagne is my most favourite ever...sorry Mum. 

Turing Locke, Eddington.

Experience destination living at our Turing Locke aparthotel, near central Cambridge. Unwind in the idyllic courtyard garden. Cosy up in one of 180 spacious studios and suites. And explore a range of dedicated spaces to work, drink, dine and meet.

<p><a href="/en/cambridge/turing-locke/your-stay/terrace-suite">Terrace Suite</a>, Turing Locke.</p>

Terrace Suite, Turing Locke.

<p>Prices from &pound;115.12 on our<a href="/en/join-the-locke-community">&nbsp;member rate</a>.</p>

Prices from £115.12 on our member rate.

Turing Locke

Eddington Cambridge

More than cobbled streets, more than historic architecture and more than expected. See Cambridge differently at Turing Locke, a stunning new destination to the north-west of the city centre.

Turing Locke

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